Remembrance Day Engagement for QLD

Integrated Online and Offline Remembrance Day Engagement  for QLD

Traveling Art Installation of 240,000 poppies handmade by Queenslanders.


How to best help the community celebrate and remember those who had sacrificed as part of the 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice. How to engage all walks of life and age groups from city centres to remote communities and make them feel a part of this momentous occasion. How to best honour and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the most appropriate and respectful manner.


Community engagement, art installation and interactive digital experience designed for deep community engagement and awareness of the 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice.

A five month program where the community came together to make paper poppies and online digital poppies that formed part of a large, state wide, traveling and online art installation.

Within the branded microsite, we created and managed on behalf of the Queensland Government, a responsive web application housed a live visualisation of virtual poppies, where users created, personalised and then added them to the interactive reflection pool. Additionally users were able to share their dedicated poppies to their own social profiles.

Complete synergy across all elements was integral in our approach, to drive one cohesive story that ladders to the client’s overarching campaign message and objectives.


14 Community activations were planned and many more were executed at remote locations and  major cities throughout Queensland.  Queenslanders connected emotionally with the concept and posted some heartfelt dedications.  Involvement and interest exceeded the expectation of creating 57,000 poppies – one for every person who served or sacrificed – and we ended up with 240,000 digital and hand made poppies that went toward making the poppy filled art installation and accompanying video content piece.

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