Who we are

Pico was founded in Singapore in the same year that man walked on the moon. Fast-forward almost half a century and we’re one of the most well-known and respected exhibit and event experience design agencies in the world.

Our global footprint stretches across the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region (including eight offices in China alone).

Pico+ is the natural evolution of our brand. The ‘plus’, while small, means big things for our business. We now plan, design and execute exhibition space, ‘plus’ we’re;

+ fully integrated
+ data-fed
+ digitally-led

We’re a global network of staff, consultants and strategic partners representing the best strategic minds, most daring designers and digital solution architects ready to tailor a brand experience to meet your unique requirements.

Our evolution means delivering ROI long after your customer leaves your exhibition. Make it yours too.

We're global, too

Pico+ addresses the challenges arising from a constantly shifting marketing landscape.

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We look forward to helping you tell your brand story.

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